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🏁  EPIC RPG World  -  Ancient Ruins

*Unity version: specific setups for the game engine and for Tiled+Unity
*Itch version: specific setups for TiledMap Editor
*Both have the same content.

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This asset allows you to create an awesome top-down RPG World(32x32). There are a good range of terrains and props variety. See bellow some of the asset content:


✅ Several terrains variations with dozens of blending possibilities.
✅ Auto-tiling support using  Tiled Map Editor (100% done and ready to use. Check out the video)
✅ All terrains are provided in 2 different formats, one for direct transition to another tile, and the other for transparency transition. The last one is for users willing to get more terrain transitions possibilities using layers inside your game engine. Also, usually, Tilesets have a small guide in the form of a short description so you know up front what It does and what is it good for. 
✅Several animated platforms!


✅ Fountain (water and blood)
✅ Waterfall (water and blood)
✅ Altar (with VFX)
✅ Ancient Temple
✅ Animated Shrine (water and blood)
✅ 6 types of trees with color variations (21 total)
✅ Several stones
✅Runic stones
✅Animated Golden chalice
✅Animated Portal
✅Animated Obelisk
✅Bushes, vegetation and much more

*provided in a spritesheet and as individual sprites


✅ Moose with Idle, run, attack, hurt and death animations.
✅ Stone Golem with Idle, run, attack, hurt and death animations.
✅ Luck Creature. A simple creature that runs around. Kill it to drop gold.
✅ Wandering merchant with the following animations: Idle, Interaction - entry, interaction - loop and  interaction - rest.


➥ More statues (giant pieces of statues and normal sized) ✔
➥ Enemies ✔
➥ Wandering merchant ✔
➥ More general structures ✔
        ➥ A portal (animated)
        ➥ More general crumbling structures
        ➥ A new (entire) structure
➥ Ritual site (animated) ✔
➥ Obelisks ( all animated - Activating/Activated) ✔
➥ Auto-tile support using TiledMap Editor  ✔
➥ Blood version for every prop or tile with water ✔
➥ Tiled 1.9+ Auto-tile Improvements ✔
(automatically erase previously generated tiles and place the new ones in the area of drawing. Also supports variations)

* This list is not set in stone. I'm always open for suggestions, even after finishing the roadmap. Feel free to leave a request in the comments.
*Check out Slash Effects from jasontomlee 

(In chronological order)

➥ Grass Land (Legacy)
➥ Grass Land 2.0
➥ Cemetery
➥ Crypt 
➥ Ancient Ruins ✔
➥ Sewers
➥ Old Prison 
➥ The Depths of the Mountain 
➥ The Great Citadel 

Extra packs (requests) ⏳
➥ Lava/Volcanic area
➥ The Village
➥ Mountainous area
➥ Desert
➥ A series of characters pack for all assets previously released (I'm also considering doing 4-direction animations, including the ones already released)
*These themes are subjected to change based on people's feedback.

Epic RPG World - Bundle 1 (Grass Land, Crypt and Cemetery)

Epic RPG World - Bundle 2 (Ancient Ruins, Sewers and Old Prison)


➥This asset pack is free for personal and commercial use in your project (NFT's are not allowed)
➥ You can not use this asset as database for AI training.

➥You may modify the asset at your wish for your project.
You can not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, modified or not.
➥Credit is not needed but much appreciated. 
(if you have any question, feel free to contact me


Your support helps in the development of this asset and all future assets of this series.
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E-mail: rafa.pixell@gmail.com
*To make a REQUEST💬, post a comment on this page or via Discord.

@RafaRPM_     Discord - Support Community (RafaRPM#1647)     u/RafaPixel     @rafa_pixel   @rafa.pixel

❤️ ❤️Thank you for downloading EPIC RPG World  -  Ancient Ruins ❤️❤️

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Updated 3 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags32x32, Animation, Asset Pack, Characters, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $30.75 USD
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Im sorry if has been asked before. But have you ever throught about doing an "Overworld Map" asset/tileset pack.

Something like this ?

(1 edit)

Hello, how are you doing? I can see myself creating such asset in the future, would be cool, but I have no plans doing it in a near future.

Is the tiled map editor compatible with SDL2 if yes do you know how to implement it please

Hello! I have no idea, I didn't even know what SDL2 was before you mentioned it. Sorry mate =/

Any plans for 4 directions enemy and character sprites

Hello. I'm considering it for the characters pack, you can see all the packs currently planned in the Roadmap.

Hello! I just want to say that your art is really great!
Btw I'm wonder whether this asset has UI design for menu or loading bar?

Thank you mate! This pack has no UI related elements. I'm sorry my friend. I might do some UI related asset in the future as I'd love to work on something like that too ^^

(1 edit)

Hi there! First off, thanks so much for this pack and your continual work on it! Now I may have completely missed it, but in the latest v1.9 package, where would I be able to find the waterfall-related assets?

Thank you mate! You can find it in the props folder.  Everything that is not a character or a tileset is in the props folder

Sorry if I missed it, there is a lot of text. Is this RPG Maker formatted?

Hello! It's not. Sorry buddy =/

Hello, i've bought this package recently, is there a way to make the format into 48x48?

Hello! Thanks for your support. Unfortunately It isn't possible. It would be if the original were 16x16 but It's a true 32x32.  I'd have to redo the entire asset.

These assets look stunning! Im wondering if you have 4-directional movement for any of your characters/npc/enemies yet? Im excited to use these in my game but Im not sure I can without 4-directional movements :(

Thank you mate! Unfortunately I have not. I'll work on more directions when I start doing characters pack but I'm afraid It'll take a while =/


All good, ill check back for that then! Excited to give some of these enemies a try  anyway :)

Hey mate thanks good tiles you have made. One question i have open the tiled example but they dont have all the tiles in it.. So my question do you have a example file with all the tiles in it? The tall walls i cant see either. 

on the terain sets.

Greetz, :)

(1 edit)

Thank you! ^^ Can you give me more details about what you are saying is missing? I just opened the example file and it's all there.

Deleted 158 days ago

Hey! I wasn't because It's usually done in the game engine but sure, I'll add it to my list

Hey, can these be used on Godot?

Hello! Yes it can. The files are in png format

I saw your bundles are up for sale and am very interested in purchasing them.  I didn't see where it was mentioned so I am sorry if this is already answered...

How many directions do you have for each of the characters?  4 (Up, Right, Left, Down)?


Hello! Sideways only. I'll possibly add more directions in the characters pack but theses assets have no release date.

I purchased pack 1 this morning.  I am interested in pack 2 once I get the game in my head into Godot and out in the world.

That said, are you still actively developing these sets?  I think all of these sets are amazing.  I am also interested in an NPC pack beyond the old man/men and the blacksmith.

Keep up the great work Rafael!  I love your work!  :)


Thanks! Yeah I'm still working on it and this series is far from being complete ^^. Grass Land 2.0 will be released in few days too. The village pack will have NPCs, houses, blacksmiths, vendors, etc


I sincerely appreciate the quick response and the continued work!  :D  Thank you!  :)

These are absolutely gorgeous. Would it be possible to have a separate folder included in each of these packs that has each tile precut in a 32x32 .png? 

In some engines this makes it a lot easier to import and work with and I've noticed some asset packs on Itch have started to include these, which is super helpful.

Thanks mate! Do you mean for the props or tilesets (walls and terrains)?


(1 edit)

This would take a lot of time to do =/ but I'll try if I can do it somehow faster. However, I wonder which game engine are you using that doesn't give you support to slice spritesheets? This is kinda the standard

That would be very helpful. It would allow one-click bulk importing of the all the tile-sets at once. With the built-in sprite sheet cutter, the process involves manually configuring, importing and verifying each set.

Hey, it would be awesome if some trees were animated to the same quality as grasslands. Big fan, bought all packs recently!

Thanks buddy! I'll try my best when I get back to this pack ^^

Hey, I love the pack. Thank you so much!

I'm trying to get the automapper to work for walls in Tiled when pressing ctrl+m, but it only works on certain layers depending on their name. Do you know how I can find out more about this - is it in the rules somewhere? Thanks

(1 edit)

Thanks mate! That's how Tiled works, the rule files must point to a layer. Open one of them and you gonna see it. You have to draw in its own layer in order to make it work. Also, make sure to use Tiled 1.9+ 
>> https://doc.mapeditor.org/en/stable/manual/automapping/#what-is-automapping

Hey! idea for extra pack: "Insides" house/tent/shop... with multiple floors, cave, underground..

Hello buddy! I'm already planning to do some interiors for The Village pack ^^

(1 edit) (-1)

I'm creating a web3 game, can I use your assets? I'll never sell any of your art as a NFT anywhere (opensea, magic eden, or anything like that). It's a web3 game because it contains a crypto coin.
The project is a teach-to-earn game where people can earn tokens when they teach programming to one another.


Hello Marco! I'm sorry but the license does not allow it =/

Is it possible to create another type of license for my case with another value?


I had too much headache before with these stuffs so I rather not. Sorry mate, I hope you can understand.

If I use these assets in a commercial game, can I open source the source code of the game on github with the assets in the sourcetree, or does that count as redistribution? 


Hello! It does count as redistribution, sorry mate. You can still use the assets in your commercial game, just don't publish the assets of course.

No worries! I've set it up now so the assets aren't open source, anybody who wants to run from source is linked back to here to buy the zip and put it into the project first. This asset pack is absolutely beautiful by the way, it's just so good. Do you have any recommendations for other packs that would work well with this one, I especially need characters with movement animations that would look good on this. That and hazards like spikes, flames, missiles, etc.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! ^^ I don't know, it's hard to make different assets from different creators to work well together.  Try https://aamatniekss.itch.io/ and https://sventhole.itch.io/. These two creators are great, they might work well with some editing. 

I'm also planning to work on more characters for all assets, but it will take a while to get there=/

(3 edits)

This pack is really awesome! However, the golem only has a left/right direction. If you can add up and down directions, it would be much appreciated! 

Thanks! All my characters are like that. Up and down directions are still being considered, but it would be released in the character pack


Looking forward for the character pack~

I am using your assets for creating this https://whirlsyu.itch.io/obelisk

Super cool! 😍 Keep it up mate!

Can you give some guidance on how to implement AutoMapping using Godot?

(1 edit)

You mean Automapping  from Tiled? This is a feature from Tiled. If you're going to use Tiled to create your maps, you have to create it there and then export the map to Godot. If you mean the Godot's auto-tile feature then I don't know, I don't use Godot.

Hi, can you include transition land-water, but without water? It will be useful to render  one tile high hills, your current tileset supports 2+ tiles high height transitions

Sure! I'll do it (and some other requests) once I finish the updates for the Old Prison asset ^^

Does the water and grass of this pack connect to the water and grass of "Grass land" ?

Hello! If you mean the  grass-to-water platform then no. Btw, Grass Land will get a rework soon, but all packs are still different locations with unique atmosphere and tile connections. As for aesthetics, you could reuse some elements from other packs, you just need to do a proper color scheme adjustment.

I would love to see a castle and city, more houses/village stuff, and snow variants.

Hello! The village asset will have taverns, houses, shops, npcs... 
Snow variants is something I'm considering for sure, but only after finishing the current asset list

Hi! I am creating a game and using the amazing plant/tree artwork from this asset pack (https://store.steampowered.com/app/2013730/Gourdlets/?beta=1)

I am adding an "acknowledgements" section to my game's website (https://www.gourdlets.com/acknowledgements) and want to credit you there, how would you like me to do that? I was planning to link directly to this page, but can do something else (ie include your name) if you prefer!

Your game is looking super nice! Congratulations!
You could link to my twitter (@RafaRPM_) or to my itch page (https://rafaelmatos.itch.io/) and use my name, Rafael M.
Thank you very much for giving me the credit :)

Thanks!! The art from this asset pack really ties it together.


^^ let me know if you want me to make any changes whatsoever to that page!


Yeah It really fits pretty well with the aesthetic of the whole game.
All good about the credit. Thanks again ^^

Duuuuuude, you are the best🥇

Thanks mate! It's my supporters who are the best!❤️😂

Can be use on Unreal engine 5 ?

Hello! It's not set up specifically to any game engine but yes, you can use it with any game engine out there. It's all about spritesheets/pngs. I'm planing to make it ready to use for Unity and Godot but I don't have a data to give you right now

This is a really pretty tileset 💚 Nice work!

Thanks mate! Your assets are amazing btw ❤️Someone could easily make an entire game with your Mana Seed assets


Thank you very much! ❤️🙏🏽

Gracias chinchulin por el tilseset, :)

Your're welcomed / de nada :)

(1 edit)

Hi, love this and it looks absolutely beautiful! I bought it and can't find the trees, where are they located?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you mate! You can find them in the props folder(file name = Atlas- props). I often use trees as props but don't worry, they are aligned and can be used as tile.

haha how did I miss this!

thank you!!!!


You're welcome :)

Wow, this is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you buddy! 🤗

Hi Rafa! I really like your work. and this map is worth it to purchase.

I've sent you an email. 

Thanks mate! I will answer you there.

Is there a "Full Bundle" yet for all your packs? Or do I just have to get your one Bundle + the Ancient Ruins seperate?



Hey mate! Thanks for your support! There isn't yet. I'm planning to create a second bundle (ancient ruins, Sewers and Prison). Sewers will be released soon, it got delayed due to other jobs I had but I'll now be focused on my store for several months. The reason for this is because I think this way the series is more organized and It's more accessible to people I think. Let me know what you think ^^

Ciao! I really like these assets! I want to buy the full bundle, I'm trying to make a 2D-HD little game and this amazing graphics could be perfect for me. Do the characters have 8-way motion animation? If not, have you considered adding this type of movement? 

Thanks a lot!

Thanks mate! This is not feasible, they are too detailed to animate so many directions. Perhaps front and back view, but would be in a character's pack, which I'm considering doing after the main roadmap for this series is done.

Great, can't wait to see the character pack! if you wanted to try to get an 8-way movement, you already have the front and back position and also the side position, you just need the 3/4 positions and you would only need to do them on one side and the game designers would just have to mirror them from the game engine. This is a very common practice in sprites :)


That's the opposite actually, my characters are in the 3/4 position and I would have to draw for the full front and back positions. I know about the mirroring technique the problem is not that. The problem is to draw such a detailed character for so many directions. The amount of work/days is substancial, and I'd have to charge too much because of that amount of time I'd spent on this. I think people would benefit more on having more tiles and props to build their games. But yeah, front and back view might be in the characters pack that I'm considering doing ^^

Deleted 1 year ago

Hello! I've never claimed to have other animations besides Idle. It's just an NPC for random encounters around the map.

Damn, I love ur art bro, glad that I can practice my game dev with your art. Do you have a plan to create a character pack bro?

Thanks mate! Yep, I'm considering creating a character pack(playable and enemies) but only after the main roadmap list for this series is done.

Hi, your work it's amazing, i look forward to work on it 


Thanks mate! Feel free to share your project with us here or on our recently created Discord server!

Yes, i join it and ask for help

thank you in advance


Hello bro how can I talk to you on discord, the link is invalid above

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

Hello! Thanks for the warning. I updated all the Discord links. ( https://discord.gg/xU79gfg5Pd)

Really love this package (all your stuff is great!) and looking forward to future installments. I'm a big fan of the Merchant character. Any chance that you might do a female version of the Merchant?

Thanks mate! The merchant is actually a female haha XD I just didn't want to sexualize her 

Fantastic! I appreciate the thoughtfulness! Really looking forward to more environments and more characters. (I'm in the beginning stages of writing a game and am building it around your packages -- I'm a big fan.)

Thanks buddy! I appreciate all your support. The next pack is almost ready for release :)


Looking forward to it!

I am planning to buy your wonderful project. Is the completed MAP created like the picture above included in the project? Or is it just the tileset?

Hello! Every scene you see here is a mock up created using the tiles and props provided in the file. This scenes are also provided as png and gif files in case someone wants to use it as a reference. 

Hello, it has been impossible for me to communicate on @Twitter since I block your messages, could you give me an email address to communicate with you? Thanks.Hola se

Hello buddy! My DM is always open there. Anyways, I was just about to create an email and a Discord server so I just did. 
Discord: https://discord.gg/SYddMaEM
E-mail: rafa.pixell@gmail.com

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