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🏁  EPIC RPG World  -  Cemetery

*Unity version: specific setups for the game engine and for Tiled+Unity
*Itch version: specific setups for TiledMap Editor
*Both have the same content.

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This asset allows you to create an awesome top-down RPG World(32x32). There are a good range of terrains and props variety. See bellow some of the asset content:


✅ Several terrains variations with dozens of blending possibilities.
✅ Auto-tiling support using  Tiled Map Editor . It's already setup and ready to use.
✅ All terrains are provided in 2 different formats, one for direct transition to another tile, and the other for transparency transition. The last one is for users willing to get more terrain transitions possibilities using more layers.


✅ 10 Crypts with doorway animated
✅ Stone bridge
✅ 7 Trees (3 whole and 4 chopped).  Darker version also provided for better composition when used on darker ground(e.g dirt)
✅ Dozens of tombstone combinations
✅ 3 Types of fences
✅Animated crow for the environment
✅Abandoned Structures (day and night theme)
✅ Statues, Lantern poles, candles with animated fire, skulls, and more

Undead enemy with the following animations:
➥ Idle
➥ Walk
➥ Attack
➥ Hurt
➥ Death

Bat 1 and 2 with the following animations:
➥ 'Idle'
➥ 'Walk'
➥ 'Walk' to Attack Instance transition
➥ Attack Instance(loopable like the Idle and Walk)
➥ Attack
➥ Hurt
➥ Death

*Bat 2 is a color scheme variation of the Bat 1


➥ 2 animated enemies (Idle, Run, Attack(s), Hurt, Death)  ✔
➥ More props (Animated crow for the environment, rocks, church and abandoned structures) ✔
➥ Auto-tile support using TiledMap Editor ✔
➥ More terrain variation ✔
➥Abandoned structures - a day light theme (request), some pixel cleaning and other subtle adjustments ✔
➥ Auto-tile Improvements ✔ (automatically erase previously generated tiles and place the new ones in the area of drawing. Also supports variations, no manually placing them anymore!)

* This list is not set in stone. I'm always open for suggestions. Feel free to leave a request in the comments.

(In chronological order)

➥ Grass Land (Legacy) 
➥ Grass Land 2.0
➥ Cemetery ✔
➥ Crypt
➥ Ancient Ruins
➥ Sewers
➥ Old Prison 
➥ The Depths of the Mountain 
➥ The Great Citadel 

Extra packs (requests) ⏳
➥ Lava/Volcanic area
➥ The Village
➥ Mountainous area
➥ Desert
➥ A series of characters pack for all assets previously released (I'm also considering doing 4-direction animations, including the ones already released)

*These themes are subjected to change based on people's feedback.

Epic RPG World - Bundle 1 (Grass Land, Crypt and Cemetery)

Epic RPG World - Bundle 2 (Ancient Ruins, Sewers and Old Prison)


➥This asset pack is free for personal and commercial use in your project (NFT's are not allowed)
➥ You can not use this asset as database for AI training.

➥You may modify the asset at your wish for your project.
You can not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, modified or not.
➥Credit is not needed but much appreciated.
     (if you have any question or need a custom license, feel free to contact me)


Your support helps in the development of this asset and all future assets of this series.
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E-mail: rafa.pixell@gmail.com
*To make a REQUEST💬, post a comment on this page or via Discord.

@RafaRPM_     Discord - Support Community (RafaRPM#1647)     u/RafaPixel     @rafa_pixel   @rafa.pixel

❤️ Thank you for downloading EPIC RPG World  -  Cemetery ❤️

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags32x32, Animation, Asset Pack, Characters, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $28.00 USD
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Crow made me buy this

Thanks XD

May I know how much time did you spend to create a tileset with your quality? I want to know it for hiring someone.

It really depends on the artist. I like to take the time needed and not rush anything so, usually, I take around 2 months to release an asset but it's totally possible to finish it sooner.


Thanks! really helpful to me!


This pack had tons of great assets for my Vampire Survivors-like game, Deadly Harvest. The color scheme was perfect for the Halloween vibe I was going for. I especially love all the little animated lighting details. Amazing work, thanks so much!

(1 edit)

Thank you for your support buddy! I'm glad my asset was helpful to you! ^^
Good luck on your game, looks pretty cool!

If i buy this pack, can you help me a lil bit on my game for level design?

(1 edit)

I'd love to help you on that but I'm no authority on the subject. However, if you head to my Discord server, we could discuss about it. I and other members could give you some insights about it and probably help you achieve your goal.

hello. have you player charset to work with ?

Hello! You mean a character's pack? Not yet, I'm considering doing it but only after I finish the roadmap for this series

If anyone managed to scale it for MZ please guide me!
Its ez to upscale with Waifu2x, but i just cant figure out how to scale proportions. It should be alright with 2x and 75% which is 48x48, but can't match the grid, lol/ (i know... i know it not made for this res, but not seems like that's impossible),
P.s. best tile artstyle on itch!

I'd love to help you my friend but I don't know RPG Maker. 

Thanks for the compliment and for your support! Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Also, consider rating this asset as it helps a lot the creator. Thanks!

This is pure awesome, thank you for this beautiful work. I'm looking forward to your next packs :) The style fits perfectly into the RPG I'm working on, especially this dark cemetery one. Crypt is also nice.

Thanks my friend! Coincidentally, I'll release the next pack this friday ^^. gl on your project!

Hi, ancient ruins looks great so far.  Just wondering, will you be adding enemies/bosses to this pack?

Thanks!  The initial plan is to add 2 enemies and 1 npc. but everything is subjected to change based on people feedback. If it's really good, I'll probably add more. 

ok, thanks

Can't wait for Ancient ruin.

Thanks buddy. I'm working on it. ^^

Hey, just bought this nice set.

Just a quick question, where can I find the enemies shadows or the fog used in some images?



Hey! Thanks for your support. These two were just for the mock up images, but I'll provide them for you. Give me a sec to update the file .

Oh thank you very much :) These little details are what makes this set stand out!

Just updated the file. You're right and thanks for your support!

Thank you for adding the zip file to all the assets. You are my hero. Thank you. :D

No problem man! Thanks for your support!

(1 edit)

I've never seen spritesheets in this format before how do I autotile with these?

Edit: Got it just had to fiddle around and understand Tiled a little better :) your art is beautiful 


I'm glad you like the asset buddy. Feel free to ask anything.

I had to pickup this asset pack yesterday. Look forward to seeing this series completed . Please share on Twitter and give a good rating for  this pack if you purchase as it helps support the artist to keep creating great assets . 

Thanks for the kind words and for the support buddy!

Hi, just wondering if you're going to include animated crow that you have listed.  Thanks

Hi! I'll buddy! but I'm working on the next pack so It will take some weeks to get back to the Cemetery pack. Also, I was working on a pixel art commission so all releases got delayed a bit but everything listed in the roadmap will be released. ^^


Nice enemies! looking forward to your next pack!

Thanks buddy!

I really like the new animated enemies. I wonder one thing: Due to the night setting - the enemies are much less saturated than the characters and assets in your Grass Land pack. Will all the environments have their own "tone", or can enemies and assets exchanged between  some of them? Putting daytime graphics in to the night is not a problem, but the other way around will be a lot of overpainting. I am just interested what you plan. 

Best and nice work

(1 edit)

I'm glad you like it! You're right.  My assets are heavily focused on immersion and for that they often have their own color scheme which may differ a lot. Regarding to 2d games, If you want to have a nice and immersive world, their composition must be unique, which means the colors schemes won't fit everywhere. But you gave me a nice Idea. I'll add that to my list and I'll start doing that for all my packs, That being said, my supporters will be able to increase the amount of enemies that you can use between the maps. Thanks for the comment buddy.

Another quick question. I can't wait to buy Crypt when it comes out and am just wondering if that is going to be an interior type setting that goes with Cemetery. 

Hey buddy. Thanks for your question. 'Crypt' is a new pack and It will be a dungeon type asset. Do you have any particular need for this theme? About the character update for 'Cemetery', I had a setback and couldn't release it yesterday, but It'll be on this Thursday.

Crypt sounds good.   It sounded like it could be the interior of the buildings in your Cemetery set, but I wasn't sure since a Crypt is kind of like underground burial place under a Church.  Both are nice and useful.   I understand about delays.  I've been working on my game many years and am still a long way off.  Happy to wait for your work!

It will probably be a vast underground place like the dungeons in Diablo. Games take a long time to be developed, especially if you are alone in the project, but you'll get there! ^^


(2 edits)

Do you plan to release also other characters with your environments or "just" enemies? Similar to the Warrior in the Grass Land


Hey mate! For now only enemies, but I might include more playable characters once I've finished all the packs of this series. If there is enough interest I would certainly make it happen

One of the best packages I've seen around here, one of the few that really manages to create an immersive atmosphere, I take my hat off for you.

Thanks, buddy! Your art is amazing, so your compliment means even more to me. Also, you have a very good eyes for colors.

I recommend everyone to check Anokolisa's art, It's incredible.

I bought this pack! Can't wait to see all updates, including the crow and enemies and structures/church.  The other packs you have listed I will definitely buy. Any idea for timeline on them (if for ruins and old prison, as well as updates to this pack?)

Thanks for your support, mate! I'm planning to complete the roadmap for this pack in a month. The animated characters will be released next week. 

Regarding to other packs, I'm following the order of the list, from top to bottom. I usually take 1 month and a few days to release a new pack and another month to complete the roadmap. So you should expect January for the Ancient Ruins and May for the Old Prison. However, I can change the order of them If that's ok to the other supporters. Next update I'll open this question in the devlog of this new release and, If no one objects, I'll change the order so these packs can be released earlier.

Thanks!  I really love your work!

Thank you for the kind words buddy

Just thinking, the order you listed above makes sense, so no need to change order for me. I plan to get them all anyway.  Thanks so much for your consideration. I really appreciate it.

Thanks buddy. I appreciate the consideration as well.

Have you thought about adding 48x48 version? It would be nice for Rpg Maker MV compatibility and I would buy it without a doubt.

Unfortunately, this pack is not designed for this size. The original size is 32x32 so I need to redraw everything. I'd love to make it 48x48 for you but It would delay everything I have to do for this pack and for the upcoming packs. However, after the animated characters update, I'll give it a try and see If I can do it in a reasonable time.

Oh woah.  I've been working on my own Halloween themed pack and it looks like we used the same mausoleum reference.  What are the odds?  (It's set at a different scale, so you don't have to worry about us competing with each other when I finally finish it.)

This pack is lovely.  I love a lot of things about it, but my favorite is the drifting dust mote(?) animation.  It's so subtly atmospheric, it's perfect.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the kind words! No worries! A lot of my references come from Diablo 3.  Thanks for the comment ❤️

Never played the Diablo games.  Maybe it was their artists who used the same inspiration. ;)

Possibly :P