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🏁  EPIC RPG World Pack -  The Depths of the Mountain

*Unity version (soon in the Unity asset store)

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Support my work a bit more and get extra benefits ❤️
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This asset allows you to create an awesome top-down RPG World(32x32). See bellow some of the asset content:


✅ 4 Main tilesets to transition between each other and 5 auxiliaries.
✅ As you can see in the mockups, the asset was designed to look like an environment inside of a mountain. These tilesets are drawn in a bridge-like shape but these are regular tilesets so you can draw the way you want.
✅ Auto-tiling support using  Tiled Map Editor 
✅ Statues, pillars, mountain wall for the background, arc structure, boss gate,
crystals, shinny effects for the crystals, lightning effects, bridge, animated chest, rock pillars coming out of the depths of the mountain, candelabrum and fire animation (the fire is from sewers asset), animated book, animated itens to get a buff, altar for these itens, animated power balls, golden monument, pots whole/broken and more.
✅Props are provided as spritesheets and as individual sprites.


✅ Enemy 1. Animations: Idle, Run, Attack 1, Attack 2, Hurt, Death.
✅ Enemy 1 variation. Animations: Idle, Run, Attack 1, Hurt, Death.
✅ Enemy 2. Animations: Idle, Run, hurt, death, attack 1, attack 2 (combo - must be used after attack 1) and attack 1 to neutral position (in case you only want to use the first attack)
✅ Enemy 3 (Boss). Animations: idle, walk,  hurt, death, resurrection, attack 1, attack 2(combo), attack 3 and effects for all attacks.
✅Mimic: Pot Boy. Animations: Revealing itself, idle,  walk, attack 1, attack 2, hurt, death(breaking).


➥ TiledMap Editor support (auto-tile)  ✔
➥ Individual sprites and named accordingly for all props from atlas ✔
➥ Enemy 1 ✔
➥ Enemy 2 ✔
➥ Powerballs ✔
➥ Enemy 3 (Boss) ✔
➥ Pot Boy animations ✔
➥ Golden monument animation ✔
➥ Regular gate (like the Boss gate but to be used elsewhere as a way to limit the player's access to certain locations)

* This list is not set in stone. I'm always open for suggestions. Feel free to leave a request in the comments or join my Discord.

(In chronological order)

➥ Grass Land (legacy)
➥ Grass Land 2.0 
➥ Cemetery
➥ Crypt 
➥ Ancient Ruins
➥ Sewers
➥ Old Prison 
➥ The Depths of the Mountain ✔
➥ The Great Citadel

Extra packs (requests) 
➥ Lava/Volcanic area
➥ The Village
➥ Mountainous area (Asian style)
➥ Desert
➥ A series of characters pack for all assets previously released (I'm also considering doing 4-direction animations, including the ones already released)  
*These themes are subjected to change based on people's feedback. Epic RPG World - Bundle 1 (Grass Land, Crypt and Cemetery)

Epic RPG World - Bundle 2 (Ancient Ruins, Sewers and Old Prison)


➥This asset pack is free for personal and commercial use in your project (NFT's are not allowed)
➥ You can not use this asset as database for AI training.

➥You may modify the asset at your wish for your project.
You can not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, modified or not.
➥Credit is not needed but much appreciated.

Your support helps in the development of this asset and all future assets of this series.

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Please, consider rating this asset as It helps a lot.

E-mail: rafa.pixell@gmail.com
*To make a REQUEST💬, post a comment on this page or via Discord.

@RafaRPM_     Discord - Support Community (RafaRPM#1647)     u/RafaPixel     @rafa_pixel   

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GenreRole Playing
Tags32x32, Animation, Asset Pack, Characters, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


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He comprado todos tus assets salvo este, este pack lo comprare en unas semanas, pero realmente estoy a la espera de un pack de personajes que tenga movimientos para que vaya arriba, abajo, derecha, izquierda con sus respectivos puntos de vista aunque según he leído estas trabajando en ello, así que solo me gustaría decirte que haces un gran trabajo realmente se te da muy bien mis felicitaciones 

Gracias por tu apoyo. Planeo hacerlos después de que estos activos estén terminados. Después de eso, concéntrate completamente en los personajes por un tiempo.


Can't wait for citadel🤯🤯

I'm actually thinking of skipping it to get to Volcano and Village assets quicker. I'll make a poll in a few weeks to know what people think ^^

In the poll add the option for the the character's pack!

The character's pack is certain so I'm not sure what do you mean by that :P

to be next!


This Series really need more environments before starting focusing on more characters because I'll focused exclusively on this afterwards for a while.


Hey Rafael, your pixel art works are so professional and clean! I really love to use them for my upcoming game but it is so hard to find comparable quality among other assets if i need something that's not already in one of your packs lol

I've seen though comments that you do not take private commissions so maybe you could do some character animations (archer, knights, mages, etc)

(1 edit)

Hey buddy! Thank you! You mean playable characters? I'll do them in the character's pack. It will take some time to get there but will worth the wait. I'll also try to make them modular enough to be able to change equipment and all that ^^


Woaahh that's more than I was hoping for!


I've been scouring for a cave/underground set with this aesthetic! Fantastic work (as always), your animations are incredible. 


Thank you for the kind words ^^


I love you Bro

I bought all your works


Thank you very much mate! 🤗

Brother, do you have any thoughts of drawing a monster a dragon later?!

The reasons are as follows.
-The dragon is the best selling asset among the asset.
-Your Aset is very high quality but I don't think you have a boss monster yet. Do you happen to be interested in drawing a boss monster? I think I'll buy it even if it's 3x the price!

I'm sorry for all the troublesome requests every time!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, thank you! Sewers has a boss and this asset will have a boss. Ancient ruins have big enemies that could work as a mini boss.
About the dragon, I'll consider it in the characters pack for sure.
Lastly, the volcano asset could have some enemy with wings and such. Will see ^^


You're so kind, brother!

I can't wait for the Characters Pack to come out.

I'm a really big fan of your work, you inspire me and make me look forward to it.

I can't tell you how grateful I am that you sell your work on itch.io.

Cheers brother!!


Thank you very much ^^


Awsome! Nice job :).

Thank you mate!


Great job Rafa ! Almost done with the collection . 


Thank you my friend! The current list is just the beginning xD