Super important update. Read this!


I don't know how but unfortunately there were lots of missing files in the last couple updates so I'm providing them now. They are:

Tileset-Animated Terrains2-8 frames
Tileset-Animated Terrains2-8 frames-with transparency
Tileset-Animated Terrains2-16 frames
Tileset-Animated Terrains2-16 frames-with transparency
Tileset-Animated Terrains-8 frames
Tileset-Animated Terrains-8 frames-with transparency
Tileset-Animated Terrains-16 frames
Tileset-Animated Terrains-16 frames-with transparency

This fix is in the version 1.7

I'm so sorry about this and thanks kim deogho for the heads up!

As always, thank you all for the support!


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Jun 27, 2022

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