A new Tiled sample map and organization

Hello my friends!

This is a quick update! I realized this pack was a bit messy due to its size so I organized the folders and files a bit better. I also fixed some mistakes in the files/textures.

A new sample map made in Tiled is also in the files so you can check it all which will help you create your own while learning Tiled. I'm almost finishing setting up my assets for the Unity asset store so It's ready to use there. These sample maps were imported from Tiled to Unity and they are  working great too.

I'll start to work on the new asset in about 2 weeks.

Thank you for your support! See you there! ❤️


EPIC RPG World Pack - Ancient Ruins V 1.9.1.zip 38 MB
Nov 07, 2023

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Just want to +1 that I would love to see Godot resources since that's what I'm using your stuff for. Wonderful work as always!

Thank you! I'll try my best ^^

Looking forward to your ability to create Godot resource?

After this I'll start to work on the next pack but I'm planing on trying Godot too

Thank you, I hope it can be finally realized.