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🏁  EPIC RPG World Pack -  Grass Land 2.0. This asset is a complete rework of the Grass Land Legacy. It also contains a lot new content!

*Unity version: specific setups for the game engine and for Tiled+Unity
*Itch version: specific setups for TiledMap Editor only.
*Both have the same content.

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Support my work a bit more and get extra benefits ❤️
Support my work a bit more and get extra benefits ❤️

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This asset allows you to create an awesome top-down RPG World(32x32). There are a good range of terrains and props variety. See bellow some of the asset content:


✅ Several terrains variations tilesets with dozens of blending possibilities, such as:
➥ Grass transitions to gravel, dirt and more.
➥ Platform with 2 different heights
➥Platforms transitions (grass to grass/dirt, dirt to grass/dirt and transparency transitions)
➥ A hole on the ground
➥ Animated platforms to create a coast, a beach and a river.
➥ and much more
✅ Auto-tiling support using  Tiled Map Editor . It's already setup and ready to use.
✅ All terrains are provided in 2 different formats, one for direct transition to another tile and the other with transparency transition.

PROPS / DECORATION  (with Tiled setup too)
(provided as spritesheets and as individual sprites)

- Dozens of props/decorations such as:

✅  A vendor with animated NPC
✅  Several Barrels
✅  Crates
✅  Buckets
✅  Rocks
✅  Several Lantern Poles designs (some are animated)
✅  Fences
✅  Signs
✅  Trees, trunks and logs
✅  Animated Campfires   
✅  Animated Water well
✅  Animated Chests
✅  Animated Shrines  
✅  Enemy structures for specific enemy encounter, such as stronghold and several big wooden logs with ropes to create walls.
✅  Animated stronghold hatch
✅  Barricades
✅  Watchtower
✅  Enemy tents
✅  Enemy throne
✅  Enemy altar
✅  Animated Enemy flags
✅  Cabin (with the option to use with or without the chimney, the tissue on the roof, the fences and the rope detail)
✅  Cabin interior (bear carpet, bed, wooden chests, furnace and more)
✅  Vegetation
✅  Palm Trees, shells, pearls and coconuts
✅  and more


✅ Orc Warrior. Animations: Idle, Walk, Attack 1, Attack 2(prep, loop, finishing spin), Hurt and Death
✅ Orc Mage (Idle, Walk, Magic Attack with 2 different effects, Melee Attack, Hurt and Death
✅ Animated NPC vendor
✅ Animals for the environment with several color scheme variations:
- Duck -  idle 1 (side view), idle 2  (side view), idle 3  (side view), 'walk' (side view, front view and back view)
- Frog -  idle 1 (side view, front view), idle 2  (side view, front view), idle 3  (side view, front view), jump (side view, front view and back view)
- Bird (side view only) - idle 1, idle 2, lifting off, landing, flying, turning


➥ Orc warrior ✔
➥ Orc mage ✔
TiledMap Editor support (auto-tile) ✔
➥ Chimney smoke ✔
➥ Cabin door animation (along with the Cabin interior with bear carpet, bed, wooden chests, furnace and more) ✔
➥ stone and wooden bridge ✔
cave entrance ✔
mine entrance ✔
➥ Dragon fossil ✔
➥ Stronghold hatch animations ✔
➥ Animated Chests ✔
➥ A Port Area with many props.
➥ Small animals for the environment (duck, frog and bird) ✔

* This list is not set in stone. I'm always open for suggestions. Feel free to leave a request in the comments.


➥ Grass Land (legacy)
➥ Grass Land 2.0 ✔
➥ Cemetery
➥ Crypt 
➥ Ancient Ruins
➥ Sewers
➥ Old Prison 
➥ The Depths of the Mountain
➥ The Great Citadel

Extra packs (requests) 
➥ Lava/Volcanic area
➥ The Village
➥ Mountainous area
➥ Desert
➥ A series of characters pack for all assets previously released (I'm also considering doing 4-direction animations, including the ones already released)  
*These themes are subjected to change based on people's feedback.

Epic RPG World - Bundle 1 (Grass Land, Crypt and Cemetery)

Epic RPG World - Bundle 2 (Ancient Ruins, Sewers and Old Prison)


➥This asset pack is free for personal and commercial use in your project (NFT's are not allowed)
➥ You can not use this asset as database for AI training.

➥You may modify the asset at your wish for your project.
You can not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, modified or not.
➥Credit is not needed but much appreciated.


Your support helps in the development of this asset and all future assets of this series.
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Please, consider rating this asset as It helps a lot.


E-mail: rafa.pixell@gmail.com
*To make a REQUEST💬, post a comment on this page or via Discord.

@RafaRPM_     Discord - Support Community (RafaRPM#1647)     u/RafaPixel     @rafa_pixel   

❤️ Thank you for downloading EPIC RPG World  -  Grass Land ❤️

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Updated 13 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags32x32, Animation, Asset Pack, Characters, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


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Hi. Very nice work. Congrats.

Do you have the orcs animations front and back (not only sides) ? I look for in the files but did not find. Other sprite that I did not find is the chest open.

Hello! Thanks.
All characters are provided in sideways direction only. However, I'll make these other directions in the character's pack in the future.

The chest animations is under props/animated props/..

Hhello how are you a month ago I bought all your itch.io packs and I have found this problem in one of them and it is that water tiles are darker than the ones on the shores of beach. Could you please help me? thanks

Hello mate! Could you show me a print? Because I checked the files and I didn't find the issue you mentioned

I sent you a photo on Twitter (X) although if you want I can send it to you on discord if you prefer

(2 edits)

I see. I believe you are using the wrong tile. There are 2 water tiles in the files, one for the river and the other for the ocean. You are using the water tile that is designed to be used for the river, which has a lower opacity (alpha) to blend with the ground bellow it. For the ocean, there's no alpha change so it will fit the coast. If you open the Sample scene you'll see it ^^


You are absolutely right, thank you very much for the help.

Hola Buenas tardes, antes te comprar todos tus mosaicos me gustaría preguntarte si tanto este como los anteriores que has publicado ?Son compatibles con Godot Engine

Hola! Son solo archivos png sin formato, así que sí, es compatible con cualquier motor de juego, pero si te refieres a que los recursos están configurados específicamente para Godot, entonces no. Estoy planeando probar Godot y ver si es factible agregarle alguna configuración inicial, pero ahora estoy enfocado en lanzar más contenido. Perdón por cualquier error, utilicé el traductor de Google.

As you can see from my purchase history, I bought all your works.

It's really good.

Can I ask you a favor?
I know it's annoying, but can you make a crumbling jar, Barrel, or something like that?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks. I can make a crumbling jar but I already have plenty of barrels in my assets, including in this one.

I know it's annoying, but when you make the next asset,

I'd like you to add some crumbling objects.
Your ASSET is too high quality and beautiful to mix with other ASSETs here. (It's too different)

So in the end, I have to do all the work only with your ASSET, and I want you to add destructible objects to your ASSET.

I'll always buy all your assets, and I'm a big fan of yours. Sorry to bother you.


Thanks mate. If you mean broken objects, the next asset will have broken pots, one of these pots will be a mimic too

Wow crumbling  pot, Barrel and things like that are added next time? Thank you. You're so kind.

I think your asset is the most beautiful 2D pixel asset on this site. Thank you for showing your talent here.

Thank you! The barrels you can already find them in the Grassland 2.0, Legacy and Old Prison assets and the next  asset will have broken pots.

Hola Buenas tardes, Primeramente me gustaría felicitarte por el diseño, la verdad es que es increíble, actualmente estoy trabajando en un RPG con este tipo de diseño y me interesa su compra, el RPG será desarrollado en Godot  y distribuido en varias plataformas, me gustaría preguntarte ¿Si compro todos los packs de assets tendría algún problema en un futuro si quiero comercializar mi juego? lo que realmente estoy preguntando es si este paquete tiene licencia ¨CC0¨ o bien ¨CC BY 4.0 DEED¨ muchas gracias por su tiempo.


Hello mate! Gracias!
La restricción es que no puedes comercializar el arte en sí y redistribuir mis activos, pero aparte de eso, puedes utilizar mis activos en tus juegos comerciales y personales. No te preocupes por eso.

(1 edit) (+1)

Love these packs! I will for sure be buying some of the other ones. I had a question about the warrior sprite. It seems that it is only included in the legacy grasslands pack. Is there any chance it will be added to this one?


Thank you! Sorry mate, this warrior will be part of the legacy version only and another playable character will be done in the future when I start to work on the character's pack. 

Do you know when you'll start on the character pack? I really love the style you have here and would love to include more of your assets in the game (already using both grasslands and the Cemetery packs).

How do you even make those sprites / animations? Are they all manual pixel art frames?


Thanks! I have no eta to give you but the Roadmap for the series is in chronological order.
They are animated frame by frame by hand like any artist would do I think xD

(3 edits)

Hi, I'm absolutely loving this asset pack and the rest of ERW! I'm having a few difficulties with the props in this pack, however:

1. I want to have the porch portion of the cabin behave like in the mockup for the show/hide interior animation; that is, I want it to remain visible even when the interior is visible. However, the porch seems to only be available as part of the cabin-bot-section png, which includes the cabin's front wall, so keeping that visible after playing the show interior animation also keeps the front wall visible, which looks wrong. Is there any way to get the porch portion as a png by itself?

2. The well animations for lowering and raising a bucket contain the well's crank and bar, but the static props for the well already have the crank and bar visible, so there's overlap if I try to layer the animation on the static prop. There's a version of the well without the crank and bar, but this also doesn't have the vertical supports for the roof. Is it possible to get a version of the well with just the vertical supports but no crank, bar, and roof?

3. Finally, there seems to be a missing animation for an empty bucket going down into the well. There's an animation labelled as such, but the bucket in that animation is full of water, so it's identical to the water bucket going down animation.

Sorry for the long comment! It's entirely possible I might just be misunderstanding how to use these props, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks, mate.
1- You may want to take a look at ../animated props/cabin/. You'll find the wall separated from the porch.
2 and 3-I just fixed it. You can download the file again.

Thanks a ton for the fixes! Just re-downloaded and they’re perfect - really appreciate it. Regarding the first item though, I know about the wall separated from the porch in ../animated props/cabin - what I’m looking for is the porch without the wall. I can only find the porch as part of Cabin-bot section.png and cabin.png in the ../static props/cabin folder.


They are together because I don't see why It's necessary to make them separated. The z-ordering would work the same. Once you pass the wall you don't touch the porch anymore. I'll add it too in a few hours.

It's definitely possible that z-ordering would fix my issue - I'm fairly new to gamedev and am not very familiar with working with sprite layers. I'd still really appreciate the separate porch sprite regardless. Thank you again for your responses!

(1 edit) (+1)

It's in the files. If you want my advice, you should get used to both because you'll always need to use both. Tiles for the heavy lifting (where you'd need to repeat graphics countless times), and sprites (when you don't need to repeat too often and need more flexibility). GL!

Also, do you have rules for unity? For the grass

Hello! You can find the Unity version here ^^

So if i bought on itchio, then its bad luck?

(1 edit)

I'll see If I still have a Unity free code available to send you. What's you email?

xstreemsx@gmail.com thank you for your time

Hi Rafael, I also bought itchio version, can you please send me unity code please? My email mails2suresh@yahoo.com

Sorry mate. I reached the Unity's limit of 12 per year

How did you manage to make palisade vertical and diagonal? There are only horizontal sprites.

What do you mean by palisade?

Wooden palisade, like a wall made out of wooden logs. Palisade is a palisade xd

Use them as sprites, not tiles. Not everything in your game have to be a tile. You place them the way you want. There are some premade chunks but there are also lots of individual logs so you can build the wall at any angle.

Hi, I just wanted to ask if this includes the player character and all other assets that are in the legacy version.

This pack is a rework but also has lots of new stuff. The characters for this asset are new too.

(1 edit)

Hey, I managed to get a single tile animated but when I click all tiles of a prop such as the flag and go to add it to the animation editor, it scrambles the prop / image in 20 different ways and animates it. I tried finding YouTube videos on how to do it properly, but I can't find anything. Do you know of any tutorial videos or what I am doing wrong so I can add the prop in it's correct formation? 

Sorry buddy but I didn't understand your question. What software are you referring to?

I am using the program Tiled and I am trying to get the animation files working from your assets. I am new to the program so I know I am doing it wrong lol. I managed to get the animated water working only when the animation reel is a single tile formation. When I try to get large assets bigger then a single tile to animate and I add them to the Tile Animation Editor it scrambles the image in different orders when its animated. Hopefully that makes more sense lol

Hello! Why are you trying to animate it if the asset is already setup? Is this just for learning Tiled? If I understood your question correctly, you are trying to animate several tiles using the same source tile. You have to select the tile you want to animate and add all frames and then close the animation editor, select the other tile you want from the tileset and repeat the process.

(1 edit)

I never knew that, thank you for getting back to me. I see the file called "enemyflag1animation.png" how do I import it to have it animate? When add the files into my tileset I don't get the "animation" icon beside the list of animated tiles like I see in your tutorial videos. Not sure what I am doing wrong, sorry for bothering you. 

You have to create a tileset first (.tsx),  load the png and then do what I explained in my previous comment by selecting the tile from the tileset, open the animation editor and then add all frames. It's also helpful to open all my .tsx and example maps to see how things are done. To learn the software, you should also check their documentation (https://doc.mapeditor.org/en/stable/) and forums (https://discourse.mapeditor.org/). The software is easy once you get the workflow.

Does this work with RPGmaker MV / MZ?

Hello! My assets are not optimized for RPGmaker

Is Grassland 2.0 an *upgrade* to Grassland?  Or different content.  I'm scrolling between the two and I'm lost.  :P

Hello! Grass land 2.0 is a redesign overhaul, a rework, but it doesn't have every single content from the legacy version. It's like 60~70% rework and 40~30% new content. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Can't wait for the new character animation🐣🐥

Me too 😂

Dumb questions: When you use Tiled or any other tools to create a Tilemap. When you're using different rules tiled they don't connect with each other right? So you'll add some tiles manually, correct? And you'll also create layers so that different tilesets will overlap each other smoothly by painting on top of where you want the tilesets to connect?

Or I think I'm noiticing that you can just apply the desired tile between two rule tiles in Tiled and it automatically fixes the rule tiles?

Hey! I don't know if I understood correctly all your questions but autotile rules (called automapping in Tiled) are restricted to the layer your're pointing to inside your rules(e.g. rule 1 wall.tmx) and it only looks to the tiles you use within this rule. So, 'rule wall1.tmx' is independent from the 'rule wall2.tmx', however, the order these rules are listed in the rules.txt matters. They are called from top to bottom. I'm actually using this order to create my rules. If you open the rules.txt you gonna see that I usually use 3 rules for each tileset.

(1 edit)

Oh, sorry, I'll try to explain better. If I use rule 1 wall.tmx and rule wall2.tmx on the same layer, they will not connect right? So then I'll have to use some tiles from the tileset manually to connect them?

The layer thing: If I have a layer with water, the the coast, then the mountain/walls. Then it wouldn't matter if coast layer is not perfect if I put wall tiles on walls layer on top of coast layer since people won't being seeing the imperfection of coast layer? Asking this dumb question because of collision for walls layer

(1 edit)

Yes,  they won't because the layer is just a place where the tiles will be placed. If you want them to connect you have to use tiles from both tilesets in your rule logic. I have an example of this in the Crypt asset for the baluster(B1 and B2).

If I understood correctly the layer in this case doesn't play any role here because collisions are per tile.

(1 edit)

I see, thanks for the clarification :) So far I'm liking Tiled a lot!

I'll be investing in more of your assets as I progress with my game :)

Btw, how do I activate the bottom part of this rule tile? Trying to use the wall tile to make 2 tiles high wall, but the bottom part is not being chosen.

(2 edits) (+1)

Press CTRL + M after drawing. The brush you're using is the terrain built-in brush. It only covers 1 tile height tilesets. Once you press ctrl+M the automapping will take place, meaning the rules will be called and the rest of the wall will be placed. Just don't forget that you have to draw on the layer with the same name that the rule for this particular wall is pointing to. I usually prefer to use just only layer for every wall just to get the auto tile working and then, after I'm finished drawing, I select everything I drawn with the rectangular tool(R) and place it to my permanent layer.

edit: if you are not sure if the layer name is right, you can open the rules to check it. You are also free to change the layer name used in the rules to best fit you workflow

(1 edit)

Hey man, this is a great set.

Hello mate! Tiled works totally different from Godot. Tiled is much more flexible and allows you to create your own auto tile rules in a visual manner. All my assets have all auto tiles setup there. Godot, as far as I know for now, has specific bitmaks/templates of tileset but my tilesets doesn't follow their pattern. Most likely there are no support out of the box for some more complex tilesets I use but I can't say for sure because I need to dig more into Godot. It's also possible to import from Tiled to Godot but I don't know much about it for now.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey bud, thanks for the clarification -- yeah I played around with it a significant amount and I was able to get "pieces" of the autotiling working, but not entirely. 

Something that got me started down the right path was your example tiled masking you provided for the user "nick" who seemed to have your work in Godot 4 actually autotiling. 

So my question currently is, how can I view all your tiled (?)bitmask configurations like the sample you provided in screenshot to a previous reply/poster? I'm guessing I just need to get to the right place in the tiled application?

edit: i've answered my own question. Once you open the sample tiled project into tiled, you can edit the terrain set and see all the masking. I'm going to try to emulate that in godot and see if I get the results. Thanks again for the help.

You can open the rule files to see how it's done ^^

Helo, can you add a character package but with 4 directions animations?, thanks!


Hello! This is in my plans but just after releasing the packs in the roadmap.


Ohhh, I'm waiting. I have already bought 4 assets, I will buy this one too)

Ual, que conteúdo vasto e belo, com um preço acessível para um humilde desenvolvedor indie como eu. Muito obrigado Rafael.

Obrigado! Sucesso ai no seu projeto! ^^

The spritesheet for vendor-idle is not usable, the frames are messed up.

Sorry about that. It's fixed now the 1.6.1 version.

very cool, can I use it in rpg maker?

Thanks! My assets are not optimized for rpg maker. You could adapt it to follow their guide lines but would require you to do it.

I understand, but if I create maps in Tiled and export to RPG Maker I think it would work, right?

I don't know rpg maker but if this engine supports Tiled then I don't see why not.

(2 edits)

Great asset pack. But I am having trouble exporting the map I created with tiled map editor to godot. The simple export as godot scene function simply messed up everything. 

It seems to be the animated terrains messing up things. Could you please look into this issue?

(2 edits)

Thanks! I don't know. My support is focused on Tiled so people can use it and export their maps to any game engine. I don't work with any game engine specifically. I'm planning to offer direct support to Unity and Godot 4 but right now I can't help you with that. However I'm pretty sure there are lots of data on internet to assist you on that. You can also try my Discord as there are people using my assets with Tiled + Godot/Unity that could help you there. 

That's good to know. Expecting to see the direct support for Godot 4.

I bought the bundle last night. The issue with the Godot 4 exporter in Tiled is that the animated tiles are not in order in your atlas. The ones(alternates) that are lower on the atlas and have all the tiles in order from left to right will work. The upper left animated tiles where the first tile is separate from the rest of the animation strip will not work once exported to Godot because of the limitation in Godot's ability to only specify the first tile in the animation strip and the rest have to be in order without skipping tiles.

Its listed at very bottom of Tiled's Exporter help.


I will probably just redo that PNG so that i can use all of them. If you could keep them in order for your future work, it would make them compatible.

Thanks. I'll do it from now on. 

Fantastic asset! Some really useful combinations of tiles and props. Am personally very interested in the extra characters pack mentioned above, especially 4-way animations.

Works really well with Godot 4, too.

Thanks mate! I'll get to this pack sooner or later, hopefully XD
Nice maps btw Godot is really nice. It's on my list for direct support too

Did you use tiled to create the map and export it as a godot scene? Or were you directly using the assets in godot? I am having trouble exporting the map created in tiled to godot.

Directly in Godot - setup the base (terrain) layer with the tiles using Terrain Mode. Props lays (like trees) were manually places tiles.

Thank you, mate. I guess I will have to do the same. 

Not sure if its any help, but I setup some Terrain layers on the TileSite:

Then I painted them like this... 

As I understand it, you have a 3x3 grid on each cell and you paint the colours as follows:

  • The center tile defines what type of tile that one is (eg, the middle and 1 either side are yellow (Path) tiles)
  • The surrounding cells represent what tile type adjoins it... So the center + 1 up tile thats 2/3rds yellow states that is is a path tile which has path left, right, below and diagonal below left and right, but then has grass above and above left/right.

This results in rules which tells Godot how to pick a tile based on surrounding tiles.

I _think_ this is how it works - I'm still learning myself.

(1 edit) (+1)

Take a look at the Tiled files, It has everything setup there so if you're having a hard time to understand the tileset, you'd get a visual hint from there. Here is some example: 

I also recommend using tiles with transparency if possible because it's much easier to blend with other terrains

Wow wow wow!! This pack just keeps blowing my mind. Amazing work!

Thank you very much mate ^^

First, thank you for an amazing pack. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more from you. I really love the style you are creating.

I'm struggling a bit with setting up the correct rules for rule tile in Unity. Just wondering if you are going to add that in the future?

Thank you mate! I'm planning to start to get into Unity this month. I can't promise anything but I'll certainly try my best to make my assets  ready to use in the engine. I'll release a devlog when I have more updates on that. 

(1 edit)

Ooh, sweet! That would be really helpful :D I’ve been using your asset in Unity for the past month, I think the most difficult to setup is the tilesets. Rule tiles and animated rule tiles the most. Props and animations were easy to do deal with. Since that’s more straight forward and case by case usage. 

Yeah, props are always much easier ^^. Well, you could consider using Tiled to create the rough part of the game and import it to Unity. 

Anyways, I'll try my best to make it ready to use in Unity soon


Hey mate. Just so you know, I'm working with Unity a few days now and rule tiles system is super limited and a pain to work with indeed. Anything besides the basic tileset terrain will be a problem to make it work because require coding it to work. So I'll setup everything else and stick with Tiled for Unity too. SuperTiled2Unity importer is super easy to work with. I got it working in a few minutes and exported the sample scene to unity and everything was working fine, even animated props.

I'd recommend do the same because, Tiled is way better than Unity at 2d map editor.

Hello Rafael! 

Sorry I haven't been on for a while :( Thanks for coming back to me, I appreciate it!

I see, so it wasn't just me not understanding Unity's tilemap editor. I'll try to work with Tiled. Did you try to set up collision as well? If so, did that get imported? Thanks again! :)

I did for the Old Prison as a test a while ago and recently I tested it in Unity and it's imported too but only Old Prison has it. For the other packs you'd have to setup the collisions there. It's easy but tedious


Hi there,

Thank you so much for the awesome pack! Love it.

Quick question, I just downloaded the latest update, and it seems to be missing the Vendor. I only see Orc Mage, Orc Warrior and Small Animals in the Characters Folder.

(1 edit)

Hello! Thanks! You're right, I accidentally deleted him XD Gonna update it right now.
Edit: It's fixed now. You can download it again anytime you want. Sorry about that and thanks for the warning ^^

Awesome! Thank you so much~ :D

Not a warning. That sound serious. hahaha. Just noticed it so thought of checking.


Is that worth to buy the previous 1.0 pack before this one?

Hello! There are some things like buildings and characters that is different from each other. It's possible to have a pretty good comparison between them by seen the several mockups in both pages so you can decide whether buy both or one or another!

70% off, creator of the year🥰

Thank you for your support my friend! ^^

Hello, Can I use this asset in Unity Editor ?


Hello mate! Yes you can.

Hey, just purchased the pack. I don't suppose you have a colour palette available in case I attempt to create some other assets alongside these? Cheers!

I don't have. Sorry mate and thank you for your support ^^

Hello! How are you? Excuse the question, but do you intend to bring the pack one characters later this year? I admit to looking forward to it, I intend to add it to my projects, because honestly, I love your art. Thank you for your attention!

Hello mate! I'm doing good ^^ Thank you.  The roadmap of packs are in chronological order so It's impossible for me to get this far this year. I'm sorry buddy. I'm trying my best to finish all packs faster but I'm stubborn and I always end up doing huge packs which takes too much time to finish :P


Oh, all right! I will eagerly await your packages :D Thank you for your response and attention!

No problem mate ^^

Love it!


Thanks! ^^

Hey Rafael, I just wanted to let you know that we developed an online RPG with a small team with Excalibur JS and decided to give it a go with all your assets! We will show you our progress in early September.

Keep it up, what you're building is great, and we look forward to seeing more resources, especially monsters and characters!

Thanks buddy! That's great! You can share with us here or on Discord! GL ^^


Great set, beautiful art.

Is it possible for the grass to be edited out of the transparency sheet for rock, dirt, and sand? That would make it look a lot better for transitioning from sand to dirt for instance!

Thanks for your great looking sets mate

Thank you! My bad! I'm gonna update it along with the new stuff coming out in a few hours ^^ Let me know if something is missing after that 

Thank you for your quick reply!! I love the new additions and will definitely be using them in my project

This is what I mean when I ask about the grass on the sand. For this image I am using the transparency sheet for sand and putting it on top of the dirt. But because it has grass in it, it looks a little bit strange. Is it possible to have a variation of this without the grass?

Sorry for asking so much!

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This is the sand to grass tileset but with the grass removed(transparency), as you can see the grass shapes. So this tileset you're using is not meant to be used for this, there are other tilesets with transparency that transition to dirt, sand... In this last update I added neutral grass to transparency tileset so you can use it to make transitions to any dirt or sand. Did you see it there? If you are tying to find tileset that transition from sand to any tile then you can't because there isn't XD. The sand in this asset was meant to be used beneath the grass and not go further from the beach(possibly meeting dirt or any other terrain variation). However, I can add this tileset in the next update.

The neutral glass to transparency will help my project a lot in the future when I get up to that bit, so thank you very much for that!

No stress if it's too much work mate! I was trying to do sand to dirt, and then do dirt to grass to have a more gradual transition to the forest.

Thanks for your replies :) I appreciate it

你好! 我购买了Bundle1,发现缺少hole相关的图片,这些图片的缺失是bug吗?



Hello! I will try to communicate with you using the translator. Is the hole you're referring to the tileset found in the Cemetery asset pack?

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I was wondering if you do piece work for money for a project that I am working on? I love your work and style and would like to chat with you some time soon if you're interested? Fantastic work :)

I'm not doing commissions, I'm sorry mate!
Thank you for the compliment ^^ and sorry for the late response

Does this new pack include content from the Legacy version such as the blacksmith and forge?


Hello! Most things are included but blacksmith and forge are not. They will be done in the village pack.


It's a great asset.

Thank you! ^^


Hypeeeee Excellent work Rafael!! 

Thank you very much Jason ^^


This, as always, is looking great!

Thank you very much Raven XD

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