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🏁  EPIC RPG World  -  Old Prison

*Unity version: specific setups for the game engine and for Tiled+Unity
*Itch version: specific setups for TiledMap Editor
*Both have the same content.
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This asset allows you to create an awesome top-down RPG World(32x32). There are a good range of terrains and props variety. See bellow some of the asset content:


Collisions setup and Auto-tiling support using  Tiled Map Editor
✅ Several tiles variations with lots of blending possibilities.
✅ The usual tileset  and an easy way to use walls to place prison cells.
✅ Animated Prison Gate
✅ Pillars 
✅ Blood marks on the floor
✅ Animated platforms (bood pool with two blood versions and with/without spikes)
✅ Tileset with auto tile for placing traps (spikes on the ground) and more
☑️ Spinning baldes (trap)
☑️ Rolling Wood trunk with spikes (trap)
☑️ Animated prison cell gate
☑️ Animated wooden doors
☑️ Animated switch to open the gates (gears)
☑️ Suspended cages and chains
☑️ Animated stone chest
☑️ Animated magic flame
☑️ Animated wooden bridge (horizontal and vertical)
☑️ Several stones variations
☑️ Standards and flags
☑️ Skeletons/skulls
☑️ Animated wooden chest
☑️ King's painting, tables(whole and broken), candelabrum, chairs(broken and whole - 4 directions) and more
☑️ Several barrels variations (whole, broken, empty, full of gold/silver, etc), bags, small crates and more


➥ Skeleton with and without shield ( Animations: Idle, walk, heavy attack, light attack, block, hurt, hurt while losing shield, death)
➥ Mage Skeleton with and without shield ( Animations: Idle, walk,  attack 1, attack 2, block, hurt, hurt while losing shield, death)
*Sword and shield - standard and rusty variation

➥ Assassin like enemy  ( Animations: Idle, Idle2, walk,  attack 1, attack 2,  hurt and death)


Skeleton enemy ✔
Mage Skeleton enemy ✔
➥ Assassin like enemy ✔
➥ Auto-tile support using TiledMap Editor  ✔ (Collisions are also already setup)
➥ Wooden door animation (horizontal and vertical - There are 5 variations) ✔
➥ Prison Gate animation ✔ (The VFX particles and the subtle vortex are separated in case you don't want to use it) 
➥ Wooden chest animation (horizontal and vertical) ✔
➥ Animated blood pool with spikes ✔

This list is not set in stone. I'm always open for suggestions, even after finishing the roadmap. Feel free to leave a request in the comments.

(In chronological order)

➥ Grass Land (Legacy)
➥ Grass Land 2.0
➥ Cemetery
➥ Crypt 
➥ Ancient Ruins
➥ Sewers
➥ Old Prison ✔
➥ The Depths of the Mountain 
➥ The Great Citadel 

Extra packs (requests) ⏳
➥ Lava/Volcanic area
➥ The Village (with taverns, shops, blacksmiths, houses, NPCs and more)
➥ Mountainous area
➥ Desert
➥ A series of characters pack for all assets previously released (I'm also considering doing 4-direction animations, including the ones already released)
*These themes are subjected to change based on people's feedback.

Epic RPG World - Bundle 1 (Grass Land, Crypt and Cemetery)

Epic RPG World - Bundle 2 (Ancient Ruins, Sewers and Old Prison)


➥This asset pack is free for personal and commercial use in your project (NFT's are not allowed)
➥ You can not use this asset as database for AI training.

➥You may modify the asset at your wish for your project.
You can not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, modified or not.
➥Credit is not needed but much appreciated.  (if you have any question or need a custom license, feel free to contact me)


Your support helps in the development of this asset and all future assets of this series.

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E-mail: rafa.pixell@gmail.com *
To make a REQUEST💬, post a comment on this page or on Discord.

@RafaRPM_     Discord - Support Community (RafaRPM#1647)     u/RafaPixel     @rafa_pixel   @rafa.pixel

   ❤️ Thank you for downloading EPIC RPG World  -  Old Prison ❤️

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(37 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags32x32, Animation, Asset Pack, Characters, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


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(2 edits)

hi! i wonder that will you create some playable characters and UI for this asset?! if it is, i really really want it.

Hello! In the grassland legacy I have both. I'll work on more characters in the characters pack in the Future. For more and better UI art I'm not sure, but If I do work on UI again will certainly be after the characters 

I like your abundant props for decorating a game.

Good props can really make a difference. Thank you for your support mate.

Very nice pixel arts but you've missing some characters a slime and a mimic chest

Thanks! I'll try my best in the character's pack in the future

Do the character animations include 4 directions or only 2 like the demo?

Hello! All my characters have only sideways animations. My plan is to add top and down directions in the characters pack but it will take a while

Hello, I bought this asset but I dont understand one thing. I see 2 file for download. (9MB - 10 MB) What is diffirent as between.


Hello! One is .zip the other one is .rar. Both have the same content.



Brabão, pack muito foda

Obrigado! ^^

Just wondering, when will you next pack be ready?

Hello mate! This month I'll release the grass land 2.0. Once it's finished I'll start the next asset from the list. The next one will come faster since It's going to be smaller



What are the Resolutions of one tile and the Enemys?

My assets are 32x32 and the characters are usually around 48px tall

do you have any character bundles up for sale?

(2 edits)

Hello! Not yet but I'll have once I "finish" the roadmap for this series. However, If you're referring to these characters(the ones I already have in my assets) in a separated pack then I have not, but I could create it if you just want them and not the tiles/props.

Im interested in both, just really like your work and was interested if with these beautifull sets also comes any more characters than already included. I will collect them down the road once finished then, keep up the top tier work

Thank you! I'm bit slow but I'll do my best to get there faster ^^

Im interested too!!

Thanks mate!

Suporte please  i need speak u.. Instagram..... have suporte UNITY ?

I answered you on Discord ^^

Just bought all your packs! I was very anti pixel art but you have changed my mind :D

Thank you for your support! Pixel art is unique in many ways and I hope my assets can help you make a great game  :P

Hi mate:) Is there any plan to update the ancient ruins portals, to include the newer maps? Thank for the astounding work!

Thanks! Good request mate! I actually forgot about that. Gonna do it soon! 

You are doing gods work here! amazing.


Thank you my friend! :)

I can use and I can sell my game on EpicStore or itch.io any site use your asset? Of course I give you credit. I promise you

Hello! Yes, you can. In case you didn't find the license details, here it is:


➥This asset can be used in personal and commercial projects (NFT's are not allowed)
➥ You can not use this asset as database for AI training.

➥You may modify the asset at your wish for your project.
You can not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, modified or not.
➥Credit is not needed but much appreciated. 

Thank you so much! You awesome person

I wish you GOOD LUCK! Wonderful day's 

You too mate! Thank you for your support!

Great work! Are you going to do any cave assets any time soon?

Thanks!^^ Unfortunately I wont. I think I'll do some cave asset eventually, but nothing for near future plans as there are lots of other stuffs to do first. Sorry my friend!


I'm loving these constant updates, keep them coming, they are awesome!

Please create some boss monsters for all your packs when you get time.



Thanks buddy! The character's pack will probably have bosses for all packs and other enemies ^^

All your packs are amazing, I cannot wait for the village because there's always a tavern :P and I'd really love to create a village to come back to. 

Thank you buddy!  The village asset will be awesome. I'm planning it to be one of the biggest and most complete packs for this series ^^

I bet it'll be amazing! Is it planned for after the fortress and citadel? 

I will definitely try my best ^^ After the volcanic area I will start working on it

Hi mate! Do you have any timeline about the release of characters for this pack? :)

Hello buddy! In a few days I'll release the first one and I will release all of them in the next weeks to come. Probably one per week.


Astounding work mate :) I really like your art style. I am going to use your assets in my upcoming pixel art arena shooter game. I find it most difficult to design characters and the characters you have designed are awesome and fit my game theme perfectly! Cant wait to see the character update for this pack as well!

Thx again for making my game look much much prettier. Keep up the good work and I am going to buy instantly every pack you make!


Can I contact you for custom commissions if I am in need of more specialized assets or you don't work with custom orders? :)

(2 edits)

Thank you for your support mate! It certainly helps me to keep going with this series of assets.
I'm not doing commissions at the moment, sorry my friend. Feel free to contact me though, if this specific asset is something doable for future updates for the pack I may add it to the list. You can join my Discord server to chat about it ^^

my inner game developer keeps telling me to make action rpgs and seeing your assets makes me want to actually make!
cannot wait to see when this is all complete!

Thank you! :) I think we all want to create an amazing world straight from our imagination, right? XD 

Yes ! Yes !

Thanks Noira! 🤗

Rafa, this looks amazing! Keep up the great work :)

Thank you mate! I'll keep trying my best for sure :P

Superb like always, with great details and many props and animations <3

Thank you Flip for always being here! 🤗


Amazing environment with an incredible variety of elements, top work as always

Thank you! Your work is amazing btw!

This is amazing great job!!

Thank you mate!

Really nice!

Thank you! ^^