Quick requested file and about next asset

Hello my friends!

This update has a small requested addition regarding the prison gate.  Two files with the background removed was added so you can do seamless transitions . The files are:

  1. Prison Gate-with wall-18 frames-no-background
  2. Prison Gate-just the gate-18 frames-no-background

About the new asset:

The asset will probably be renamed to The Depths Of The Mountain and it's almost ready.  The release will be most likely in 2 weeks, maybe sooner. This asset will have 3 enemies but I'm not sure yet what they will be. After the release and seeing the mock ups, you can give me any suggestion about possible enemies.

❤️As always, thank you very much for your support and I'll see you soon ❤️


EPIC RPG World Pack - Old Prison V1.6.2.zip 11 MB
69 days ago

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