Blacksmith NPC, more animated props and terrains

Hello guys!

This new update comes with more props and a new NPC.

➥ New stone path with 3 different color scheme. As usual, corner tiles have 1 extra variation and full tiles 4 variations.
➥ New half-sized walls with 2 heights. Especially good for paths in the nature but also fits in many other environments.
➥ New NPC (Blacksmith) with 2 animations. One for when he is interacting and another when there is no interaction, which is him working.
➥ New props! 
   1 Forge with 2 color schemes, both with 2 different animations (active forge on fire and without fire with heated walls)
   2 Different chimney smoke animation styles for the forge (both animations include dark and white smoke)
   2 Sword racks (of wood and metal)
   3 Animated sword sharpeners
   1 Animated 'water deposit'
   1 'Stone table' for blacksmith use
   2 Animated doors
  1 Anvil with a shine animation

➥ New animated grass, particles for nature environments and sunlight rays

*In order to make all the animations loop seamlessly, the blacksmith animation runs a bit slower in the gif than the original file

❤️ Thanks for your support! Let me know in the comments your suggestions and feedbacks! ❤️


EPIC RPG World Pack - Grass Land V. 1.2.rar 9 MB
Jul 08, 2021
EPIC RPG World Pack - Grass Land V. 1.1.rar 1 MB
Jun 22, 2021
EPIC RPG World Pack - Grass Land V. 1.0.rar 1 MB
Jun 22, 2021

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