New Tiled sample map and improvements

Hello my friends!

I have finally finished these minor updates. If you don't know, I have been working on my assets to setup them for Unity, they are now in review and should take awhile to be released because they take a long time to review it. When everything is up and running, I'll create free vouchers so you can grab it for free in the Unity asset store (I'm not sure how many vouchers I can create but will see). 

Also, I took this opportunity and I did a bit of organization stuff and created real sample maps for all my packs to be used as an inspiration/example.  So the Grass Land Legacy is the last one to receive this update. The following changes are:

  • New Sample Map
  • Overall files organization
  • UI was reorganized too with descriptive names for each object
  • More animated props setup in Tiled to be used as objects
  • New auto tile setup for fences(wooden, stone and half-sized walls). I was using the "corner set" auto tile which really isn't optimized for fences(my bad XD), so now I'm using the "edge set" which works perfectly for this type of tileset.

I'll finally start to work on the next asset and I'll hopefully make progress more rapidly for this Series from now on.

Thank you all for your support! ❤️

👍👍 Please, don't forget to rate my assets if you didn't yet, it helps me a lot! Thank you very much!👍👍

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Nov 21, 2023

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