⚔️New enemies in the field! ⚔️

Hello guys,

This is a quick devlog. Today I'm adding two new enemies to the pack. Undead and 2 bats. The second bat is a color scheme variation of the bat 1. The animation for the bat have a quick note following the file. Differently from the Undead guy, the bat animations have a loopable attack instance, similar to 'Walk' and 'Idle', and a animation for transitioning between 'walk' and attack instance. See details below:

✅ Undead enemy with the following animations:

➥ Idle
➥ Walk
➥ Attack
➥ Hurt
➥ Death

✅ Bat 1 and 2 with the following animations:

➥ 'Idle'
➥ 'Walk'
➥ 'Walk' to Attack Instance transition
➥ Attack Instance(loopable like the Idle and Walk)
➥ Attack
➥ Hurt
➥ Death

❤️ Thank you for downloading EPIC RPG World  -  Cemetery ❤️


EPIC RPG World Pack - Cemetery - V1.1.rar 3 MB
Sep 16, 2021

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