New animated props!


This update there are new props. They are all animated!


Since the Portal animations requires some image for the destination, I'm providing the animation already completed for the previous regions(packs already released till this date) as you can see on the gif. If you want to adda new destination for the portal, I'm also provinding all the animations separately for you to use masking in your game engine. The file's name are self explanatory and easy to use.

As usual, Obelisks and Ritual Site are also provided in different variations.

If you need help with something, leave a comment here on itch or send me a dm on my twitter

Thanks for your support! 


EPIC RPG World Pack - Ancient Ruins V 1.2.rar 10 MB
Apr 26, 2022
EPIC RPG World Pack - Ancient Ruins V 10 MB
Apr 26, 2022

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very nice!