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Hi, I saw a beautiful image of a tent at the beginning of that page. Could you tell me if this object is included in the final asset pack?

Hello! Yes, everything you see on this page is included in the asset pack ^^

Hi Rafael,
Just bought this excellent pack.
I wanted to check whether the warriors assets includes walking up and down as well? since i can't see this on the package. Thanks!

Hello mate! Thank you very much for your support. There's only the 3/4 pose. I'd love to create characters in more directions but for now they are all in this direction only. I'll consider doing that when I start doing character packs for this series ^^

This pack had tons of great assets for my Vampire Survivors-like game, Deadly Harvest. Love the style. Thanks for sharing the great work!

Thank you for your support buddy! I'm glad my asset was helpful to you! ^^
Good luck on your game, looks pretty cool!

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Hi Rafael. I bought your pack and I like a lot the art.

I'm new to the Tiled app, and was looking to use it for my Godot game that I'm making. I ran into an issue when using your tileset, the same issue that I saw in your youtube video

 at 1:09 . The tiles look a bit weird, like cut at the middle. I see you moved the layer and that fixed it? I did the same and it didn't fix anything for me. I suppose that the fix was something else

Hello! Thanks for your support.
If you keep watching it you will see what happened. It's just me pressing CTRL+M (cmd+m if you are on mac I believe) to use the auto mapping tool. The thing is that the standard auto tile for the Tiled only supports tiles such as terrains which are 1 tile tall. However, for walls with 2 tiles tall or more, we have to create all the rules by ourselves. I've already done it for you, you just need to pick the brush, draw and then use auto mapping tool (press CTRL+M or go to map then automapping at 2:20). If you followed exactly what I did and created a new layer with the same name, then what happened is this: when you create a rule this rule is linked to a layer, if you have more than 1 layer with the same name then only the first one (from bottom to top) will be picked. If you are wondering why I created another layer, there's nothing special to it, I just needed an empty layer to redraw the platform and showcase it in the video.

Important notice: don't use the 'Automap while drawing'. You have to draw first then press ctrl+m. If you want to redraw it, do what I did in the video and delete the part you want to redraw and then use the brush again.

Hi Rafael, wonderful pack! How to contact you for custom work. Thank you! - giba

Thanks buddy. For now, my contact is only through DM on twitter (@RafaRPM_)

ok, thank you!

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I love this! Probably the one of the best and complete bundles on itch. I would be very willing to pay for a character addon that includes up and down directions.

Thanks! I'd love to help you on that but I'm not available for this job =/ If you want to know more about it, feel free to DM me on twitter

Can use in Jam?

Yes, you can use it in your game jam. 

Just a quick Question. I am using GameMaker Studio 2, and absolutely love these world packs (just bought grass land and may buy the crypt if this works out, but will these tile sets work in gms2 with auto tile?

I'm glad you liked it! Since Tiled Map Editor can be used by any game engine I'm focusing on supporting this software and so providing ready-to-use auto tile , with not extra work, just open it and use it . It's really hard for me to setup auto tile for all game engines, If this is what you mean. However, if you mean if the tileset have all the tiles required for the auto tile then yes,  and If happens to have a missing tile, just let me know and I'll add it.  But for the 'Grass land' and 'Cemetery' there is no auto tile support yet because I'm finishing the auto tile update for the Crypt and releasing it this week. Once I get this done I'm going to finish the rest of the updates for this pack and then get back to  'Grass Land' and 'Cemetery' packs to include the auto tile support, the same for the rest of the 'Epic RPG World" series.

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How can I use these with Tiled?

Edit: Got it just had to fiddle around and understand Tiled a little better :) your art is beautiful 

I'm glad you like the asset buddy. Feel free to ask anything. GL

Hi I sent a twitter DM if you could check it out

Hi, I answered you there

My problem is solved, thank you

I'm glad to hear that! Let me know if you need anything else.

The ui of the window that I should need is not big enough in the material package, and it will become blurred when zoomed in. Maybe there is a problem with my operation?

Well, I can't help much if you don't tell me what you are doing and what game engine you are using. What I can do is to ensure you that the file is correct and It's provided in a atlas full of images to be used as a 9-slice object, which is a type of object that make an image scalabe. To create UI, you have to work with scalable objects/images. Since UI formats and sizes varies a lot depending on the resolution of the game, you don't create UI with simple sprites but with scalable objects, like the one I mentioned. Maybe this description helps you understand what I'm talking about.

I need the background of this ui, the stuff in the material package is enlarged and a bit blurry

They are provided in 32x32 size and must be used as 9-slice objects( can also be named as 9-patch object, depends on the engine you are using, but they are the same). I checked the file, and It's not blurry, you are probably enlarging the image as a sprite.  I might be able to help if you tell me how are you using the image.

Where is the background of the property edition? I didn't find it in the UI

Hi, puddin. There is no background art in this asset so I don't understand what you mean. Could you elaborate a bit more? Do you mean the darker graphics around the UI seen in this mockup?


nice job! have you thought about making some animations of movements up or down?

Thanks! Animating for other directions in a such detailed character and animation is incredibly time consuming, It would take too long and delay too much the upcoming assets. Right now it's not possible. Also, the main focus of this series are environments, props, etc. However, nothing is set in stone. If a lot of people ask for something and it's something possible for me to do then I'll add it to my list. A new pack with a range of characters is also something I would do after finishing this series if there is enough interest for this type of asset. Thanks for your support buddy! Feel free to make any suggestions.

Of course, I still like the environments you are creating, I am currently using them to develop my video game.

Nice! Feel free to share your game here when it's possible!

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Hello buddy! The tileset is general purpose and should work fine in most game engines, such as unity, gamemaker, godot, etc. Right now I'm working on the character and other things mentioned in the roadmap for this pack so it will take a while. However, when most urgent things are done, I'll certainly do a research about this game engine to see how I can rearrange the tileset accordingly to rpg maker vx/ace but if you'd have any documentation/material about the subject in hand would help a lot. Thanks for the comment and feel free to follow me to know when the project is updated!

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Thanks, Arufonsu. And you if you have any suggestion like new props or something don't hesitate to do it. Cya