Epic RPG World - Sewers


It took me a long time to finish this new asset and I'm sorry for that. I had other jobs to attend so It got delayed, and this asset wasn't an easy one to make so it took me more than I anticipated. This tileset is full of water animations and other cool stuffs.

A brief sumary that this new asset contains:
✅ Several terrains variations with lots of possibilities to create a rich environment
✅ Auto-tiling support using  Tiled Map Editor (It'll be available next update along with a video showcasing its use)
✅ Detailed walls with transition tiles to go from the curved wall to straight wall and vice-versa.
✅ Multilevel environment support
✅Detailed water tiles and FX like bubbles popping and particles.
☑️ Animated chest
☑️ Spider webs
☑️ Crates (with water animations)
☑️ Sewer hole
☑️ Skeleton parts (with water animations when placed on water)
☑️ Several Pipes, 2 with water stream animation (small, medium, big and giant)
☑️ Animated Torches (with different styles of lighting)
☑️ Secret/Rustic lab with capsules, tables, steam engine, test tubes and more

As always, the characters will come in the next updates.

❤️Thank you very much for all your support! ❤️


EPIC RPG World Pack - Sewers V1.0.rar 6 MB
Aug 26, 2022
EPIC RPG World Pack - Sewers V1.0.zip 6 MB
Aug 26, 2022

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