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Just an FYI to anyone wondering the same as me: the viper and rat don't have a forward/backward sprite.

Windows failed to unzip this for me, so I had to download the .rar file and download 7zip to extract everything successfully. 

Hello buddy! Thank you for your support. The tiny rat is just for the environment and It's designed to make them run around, near the wall's corners/edges. The mutant rat and viper follow the same standard as all other assets of this series (3/4 pose). Beholder is an exception and have more directions because it's a boss.

About the file, I tried here and It worked fine for me. I'll upload the zip file again just in case.

Thanks! Really professional looking set btw. Been working with it all day and I'm very impressed. Money well spent!

Thank you mate! ^^

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I am a big fan of yours and I have purchased all the assets. Fantastic. In particular, the monster quality is enough to make want to purchase it separately.

Thank you! It's gratifying to know that you realize the amount of work I put into my assets. As always, thank you very much for your support.


I don't think Rafael stolen from Toxic Terror or anything else. It's his unique style. Check out Rafael's other assets.


This guy is just a scammer. The owner of the game he mentioned already denied everything. Sorry about the inconvenience buddy

Wow, it's real thing this kind of person exist.

Sadly =/


To the person who keeps posting that this tileset is stolen from Toxic Terror, I looked at screenshots from the game, and they bear little resemblance aside from the fact that it also takes place in a sewer. Its tilesets appear to be 16x16 and much more rudimentary than this set. So no, not at all stolen... I genuinely don't know what that person is talking about.

This guy is just a scammer. The owner of the game he mentioned already denied everything. Sorry about the inconvenience buddy

Really amazing tiles, you know how many sewers Ive seen in RPGs? Practically all of them, but its kinda rare to see sewer oriented tilesets with loads of intricate detail such as this. I bought it today, this is amazing tilework! If I may make a recommendation for future sets how about sieged city/village? Sounds like the village request but with more destruction in mind. Once again love the tilesets!


Thanks! Sure, I'll add this destruction detail in the "The Village" asset then.  Thank you for your support! ^^

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Um, this Toxic Terror? ... I'm not really seeing much of a resemblance. 🤔


Sorry for the disturbance mate, this guy is a scammer and a spammer who is trying to harm me. I already reported him


I'm just discovering all of this because I saw a spike of activity on Toxic Terror and wanted to see where it was coming from and I'm dumbfounded.  Please know that I had nothing to do with this.  I think your work is great and follow you here.  I look forward to supporting your work and using your assets in the future when I can return more focus to gamedev.

Thanks for your statement mate.

@toffysz are you a moron ?

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you a piece of lying shit


I’ve blocked this idiot here first time I’ve had to do this .  I suggest everyone else do the same to get rid of this bum . 


Sorry Rafa and everyone else. He's spamming everyone and creating all this buzz. He's a scammer and if you all could block him would be the best thing to do.


Really nice enemy! Looking forward to seeing beholder and viper.  Also, thanks so much for including the Mockups.  Hardly anyone does that.  It's very helpful!

No problem buddy. Thank you for your constant support! ^^


I haven't said this yet, but I should have because it's helped me so much: You're incredible for including TMX files with already-set-up terrains in your tilesets. Thank you.

Thank you for the support my friend. I'm glad TMX files are helping you. ^^

Awesome! How do you think about add ice land & underwater theme to extra pack list?


Thanks! I'll try my best to add an Ice land asset (I probably will), but underwater theme seams weird for a top down I guess. If you provide some good references I could reconsider it XD

Ty!. something like this? Atlantis Tileset by finalbossblues (


I see, It could work. Let's do this way, since the extra packs grew so fast by requests, I can't make any promises but I will do my best to add this theme in the future. Is that ok? ^^

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I'm just really thankful : )


Thank you!^^


U are just unstoppable :=) great work!!!


Thank you mate! Yeah, I'm just starting! =P

Can we get npc pack as next pack, maybe a tavern, shops etc. it perfectly fits with theme i guess

Great suggestion! I'll add it to my list but only as an extra pack, which means I'll work on it only when I finish the main roadmap for the series, probably after the volcanic area pack. Thank you!

literally best pixel artist in universe

Thank you buddy! ^^

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Really nice!  I think another great pack would be a post-apocalyptic pack, as there isn't much out there now in this theme.

Edit:  space station/futuristic would also be a nice pack.

Thanks mate! That would be cool but maybe in a different series I guess

Thanks! looking forward to it, as all your work is great!

Thanks my friend!

I love these all these packs! Any chance of of a village/city set of some kind down the road? Something the sewers could be lurking under...

Thanks! Like the Tristram village from Diablo 3?

Oh, yes! Something just like that could be fantastic!

Cool! I'll get the aelovera's request and yours and add a new asset pack with taverns, blacksmiths, houses, NPCs... 

Ooh, perfect! I can't wait!

Here's an enemy idea: a mutated spider? I know you already have a spider in your other pack but there are spider webs here, so it would make sense... just make it look different? Maybe these labs or water had a strange effect on the creature idk

Yeah, I thought about that. I'll probably try something that resembles a spider like your idea of a mutant.

It's great! One suggestion / request I have that I feel could fit well in this pack is to have a poison cloud animation. Ideally with one animation for where the cloud appears and then one looping animation for the cloud. It could be used in different ways, for example as a trap, or when you destroy one of those bottles that have the green substance, or maybe even as an enemy attack.

It's just something I think would be cool to have, especially in games that already use poison damage.

But anyways it's already a cool tileset :)


Hey! Good suggestion! I'll add it to my list and It'll be released in the next updates. Thank you!

another epic pack ! Look forward to the next ! 

Thanks Rafa! ^^

Great work, man! Any chance you can move up the "Lava/Volcanic area" on your roadmap list?

Thanks buddy! I can make it the first of the extra packs. I'll also try to work faster ^^

Man, love your work, so inspiring! Great new asset again!

Thank you mate! ^^