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Incredible. So PERFECT ! IT's a GOAT 

Thank you! ^^


Thank you! ^^

how do you get this to work with the tiled map editor in conjunction with gamemaker? i know gamemaker has an autotiling system, and i see the tiles are numbered in the demo. was considering buying if i could figure that out.


Hello mate! I don't use gamemaker but I'm sure It has JSON support and probably .tmx support as well. So you could use Tiled and then export everything to gamemaker.

thanks rafa! im a little confused, though, because i expect to see 16 or 47 numbered tiles for everything that can be autotiled but the tile sets dont seem to match up? i guess im not super familiar with tiled or how to match the tiles int he tileset with the tilemap in gamemaker :D

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It depends a lot on which tileset you're mentioning. I have tilesets for walls that have different heights, going from 1 to 3 tiles high. The wall with 3 tiles high have even more tiles than 47 and it's the one that most game engines have no template/ready-to-setup for.  Actually, If I'm not mistaken, all game engines provide templates for the most simple form of tilesets (wall 1 tile high ). Anything beyond that you gonna have to code the auto-tile yourself. But you have this already done for you if you're willing to use Tiled. Btw, unfortunately, all game engines have its own unique template for tilesets. Would be great if they had a common template =p. However, tiled can make your life much easier since it's focused on building the game world while game engines is a big frankenstein software with lots of other things to solve and normally have a poorly built-in support for more complete tilesets.

Interesting! tysm for the detailed response; im going to spend some time trying to learn tiled, since it sounds like it will make building the game world easier (which i desperately need ) :)

Anytime mate :)

Hi, this is an amazing pack! Just wondering, what pallet do you use?

Thanks! I create my own pallet ^^

beautiful, NICE, ! 5 STARS!

Thank you very much! ^^

Bro this is so sick! I'll use it in my game and give you credit

Thank you very much! ^^

Is this intended to work with RPGmaker?

This is not ready-to-use for RPGmaker but you could rearrange the asset to follow the RPGmaker especifications

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Hello, this is amazing art! i just wanted to ask, is this free demo only for testing? or anyone can use? it didn't seem clear to me . thank you! ^^

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Hey, thanks! The license is the same of the other paid assets. You can use it in your commercial/personal projects

This is beyond amazing! I can't wait to make a game with those ones. Keep making great things!


Thanks my friend! Let me know when you do!


Becasue man this is the most dedicated and EPIC work I have seen on this site.

Thanks buddy! And there's plenty more to come ^^

Where can I buy the whole thing? And if I purchase it once would I have full life access to it and for commercial use?

Hello! You can buy the bundle here

The Ancient Ruins asset pack will be part of another pack with the next two other packs that I'll release soon('Sewers' and 'Prison'). The reason behind this is because I think just one bundle with all the packs would be too expensive for many.

Yes, the asset is yours forever and you can use it commercially in your game. If you lose the files in your computer for some reason, you can just access my store and download it again.