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I asked Santa Claus to have all the assets as a gift! I will try to be good to deserve the gift... 

Of course, I'm eagerly awaiting the next 4-way character asset. Thanks for existing !!

PS: Adding collisions with Tiled+ would help a lot.


😂 I'd love to add collisions too but It would take too much and I have to focus on new content to speed up things. Specially to get to the characters pack earlier 


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Hello, this resource is really great! I will be using this in my new game. But now I have some troubles and hope to get your help.

Can this resource also include the Tiled project in the demo gif scene? Because the resources are too scattered, there are many materials that cannot be found anywhere. If you can provide a sample template (tmx file), it will be much easier to find.

Thank you so much!

Thanks mate! Mock ups are not scattered, they all can be found in the Mockups folder. And these mockups you see in the gifs are not created with Tiled, they can be built using Tiled but I always make them using Aseprite as part of my creativity process to create the asset, like adjusting the scene/asset composition, creating and having new ideias of tiles and props, etc. Thus, obviously, I can only create anything using Tiled when I have the tilesets and auto tile rules done, which only occurs after I release the assets, normally in the first update.

The Tiled files and all rules can be found in the Tiled Map Editor folder.


Thank you for your reply~ I checked again and found the resources I needed.

Absolutely love the sprites. But one thing I have to mention, since you seem to be open to making edits... the worm sprite is pretty darn phallic in the frames where his eyes and mouth are closed.

Thanks! Well, about your feedback, I don't really know what to say =/

im interested in the village pack on request. Could i see it? And is it finished or would i have to wait

Hello! This asset will be released in the future. Right now I'm working on the Grass Land rework and after that I'll start to work on the next asset. The Roadmap list is in chronological order of release.

Hi didn't know if you would want to check but I'm working on a game using a lot of your assets and I thought you might want to check :) thanks for your assets they are very clean and helped me a lot !


Thank you for your support! It's always nice to see people releasing their games. Good luck with your project I hope it goes well ^^

Hey, great assets,  love your style, already bought all 6 packs of yours.
I have a question: are you planning to create distinct 4-direction or 8-direction animations for the characters?



Thank you very much for your support! I'm considering doing 4-direction animations (and more characters) on the character pack I'm planning, but It'll take a while since I'll only start this series of characters pack once all assets of the current list are released. I'll update the roadmap to mention these packs ^^


Wow, nice! That's so cool to hear, looking forward to the new pack.


How I can have access to a free version for develop tests?


There's no free version for this pack currently 

Hey! This pack looks awesome! I was wondering if you can do demonic enemies if possible.. Of course I would pay for the work!

Thanks mate! I'm considering starting a series of character packs in the future, If I do so, I'll add this type of enemy to the list. If you have something specific in mind, feel free to send me some references.

It seems that one image file is missing. 
Can I get the file below?  

It's in the "Tileset-Terrain" file. The rule is using tiles from this file. Usually I use a separate file with the same format so I don't need to rewrite the rules all over again but, for the baluster tiles, I use the tiles directly from the main "Tileset-Terrain" file because it's too specific for this asset.

hello. have you player charset to work with ?

You mean a character's pack? Not yet, I'm considering doing it but only after I finish the roadmap for this series

character's pack yes.

Hello, how do I configure the wall tileset in Construct 3? I don't understand how to do it, since the tileset is different from others.

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Hello! Construct's support to autotile (tileset brushes) is very limited. I've used Construct 2 and 3 for a long time. You need to create everything yourself by events. Basically,  any tile with height (2 tiles-tall wall for instance), have no built-in ready-to-use support in Construct. You have to create it by events. The bad side of this is the extra work and it would work on runtime only, the bright side of this is that you just have to do it once. You can also use Tiled for map creation and import it to Construct.

Hey, Rafael.
I'm an Indie Developer currently looking for a Pixel Artist to comission. Would you be interested?

If you are, I'll ask you to contact me at raphaeldelmaschio at gmail dot com

Thank you and congrats for your craft!

Thanks, Rapha! I'll contact you to know more details.

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Your sets look really nice! The environments are rich and use of color is very good. It's a little hard to read between foreground/background architecture in this set though, some of the edges are a bit "soft" if you know what I'm trying to say? Looking forward to more sets from you!

Hey buddy! Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you liked my work. I'm always trying my best and I look forward to improve and bring top notch assets to people ^^

Hello! Someone is planning to commission maps from me using your tilesets. I want to make sure that there are no stipulations about commissioning involved. For example, the terms of use for many tilesets available through steam stipulate that both the mapper and the developer own the rights to the tileset.

I don't want to have to pay so much monies for a 10 dollar commission. ^^

If you mean that he bought my assets and you are gonna be paid to just design the maps of his game then I think there is no problem.

I need tunnels done in a modern and certain period, can I hire you for commission? Your email?

Sorry buddy. I'm not available for commissions at the moment.



Thanks buddy!

Thank you for the wonderful work. By chance would it be possible to add .zip file in the future? Thank you 

Thanks buddy. No problem, just updated it with the zip file.

Thank you so much! I don’t have the PC at the moment(my dogs tripped on the cord chasing each other -_-**) While waiting to get a new one I’m using iPad to see the tile and draw map in notebook. This really means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

I'm sorry to hear that =/ and no problem dude. Thanks for your support!

Nice the packs keep getting better and better ! Look forward to the next !

Thanks, rafman! Means a lot to me! 

Hi, I am wondering do the doors can only be opened in the top and down directions?


Yes. The pure top-down perspective of this asset wouldn't make it possible to see the sideways doors anyway. What I can do is to design different doors that work like an entrance for the sideways. I'll add that to my todo list.

Great! These traps are exactly what I need

I'm glad you liked it!